Construction Staking

Construction staking consists of placing stakes on the ground where proposed features are to be built. The proposed feature location is taken from the construction plans. Typically H5 Land Surveying will be provided a copy of the approved construction plans along with a digital copy of the plans and we will be able to lay out curb lines, building lines, column lines, utilities, grade stakes or anything that is indicated on the construction plans.

This is the area of land surveying that engineers wrongfully get credit for. In most cases an engineer starts a project based on a combination of a Boundary Survey, Utility Survey, and a Topographic Survey all furnished by the land surveyors. These types of surveys for example are: small commercial developments (ex. a new gas station on the corner), large urban developments (a 100 lot subdivision inside the city), new road construction, and even a single house site. From concept to completion a surveyor has a major role in making any project successful.