Subdivision Platting

A subdivision plat is completed for property owners that want to subdivide their land into three or more parcels. It is imperative that each newly divided lot meet the minimum requirements for lots in their particular zoning district. Each lot will have to have adequate square footage, road frontage and setbacks before approval is given. This process can be quite time-consuming depending on how many lots are being proposed and what jurisdiction is presiding over the review process.

Any time property is divided it is a subdivision, whether it be a simple two lot or one hundred ΒΌ acre lots. It most urban areas and even some rural areas a governing body regulates this process to safeguard any buyer from a potentially bad sale. The state of Tennessee has a rule that any lot of land smaller than 5 acres and not having access to a public sewer system most have a soil test showing what size, if any, residency can be built. This is so no one can sell someone a house site that is not buildable. These rules protect the inexperienced public who may not be aware of such problems.